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DJ Table – DJ Turntable – Functions and Setup

admin | July 5, 2017
DJ Tables – DJ Turntables – Functions and Setup

DJ table or a DJ turntable is one of the main ingredients when you are performing it on a dancing floor, in a live concert or in a studio. There are the numbers of companies that are selling DJ tables at online stores. You can select any of your choices from there according to your choice. But keep in mind that the DJ turntable/DJ tables price must be fair by considering the DJ table/DJ turntable functions.

DJ Tables – DJ Turntable – Functions and Setup

DJ Tables – DJ Turntables – Functions and Setup

Prior to jump into the discussion about DJ table functions and DJ table’s recent prices in the market, it is important to know that how to use the DJ tables, and how to set up the DJ turntables and equipment. Especially, if you are doing it the first time in your life.

DJ Table – DJ Turntable – Functions and Setup

Setting up a DJ table can be a daunting task for someone who is doing this first time in his life. But we will keep it simple for you to understand.

Remember, there can be exceptions because of different type of used equipment but it will give you the basic idea about a DJ table setup.

Equipment Required for Setting up the DJ Table

  • A set of turntables
  • A mixer (around 8-12 channels)
  • An amplifier (to amplify the sound of your speakers)
  • A set of loudspeakers with stands
  • A microphone
  • Cables

How to Setup DJ Table

  • Set the turntables on a stand or on a flat surface
  • Place the mixer adjacent to turntables and plug them both in (remember 3-prong extension cords)
  • Repeat the same action with amplifiers
  • Place your speakers about 5 to ten feet on both sides of your DJ Table/Booth. Remember that your speakers must be angled towards your audience and must be high from their ears.
  • Plug in your turntable set into the mixer by using the RCA red and white cords (can be XLR cables, depends on the system you are using). Make sure to plug output to input always. Plug this into your mixing board, into either the tape inputs (those RCA cords) or the XLR into a microphone channel.
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the input of your channel. It must be enough loud but not too loud on the mixer.
  • To plug your mixer into your amplifier, use shielded cords. There will be “Line Out” or “Main Out” on the mixer. Plug one end in the mixer and other ends in the back of amplifier’s “Mono In” or “Main In”. Be sure that you’ve plugged output to input.
  • Now, use two more shielded cables from your amplifier to your speakers. Be sure that you’ve placed it out of the reach of heavy traffic. If necessary, duct tapes them down.
  • Insert your microphone in and adjust the corresponding gain.
  • Turn on mixer, turntables, and amplifier respectively.
  • Finally, test out your DJ Table and make sure that everything is working correctly.

Now you are ready to go. Have fun out there and rock n roll.

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