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Pashto Music – Pashto New Songs

admin | July 6, 2017
Pashto Music - Pashto New Songs

Pashto Music has a very rich tradition all across Pakistan especially in the KPK, FATA, Northern Baluchistan, and Eastern parts of Afghanistan. The Pashto new songs are best selling music collections in the mentioned areas nowadays.


Apart from Pashto new songs, which are tilting towards the modern music, there are several traditional forms of Pashto music e.g. Tappa, Charbeta, Neemakai, Loba, Shan, Badala, and Rubayi etc.

In this article, we will try to discover some famous forms of Pashto music along with its usage in Pashto new songs or music.

Types of Pashto Music being used in Pashto New Songs

  • Tappa

Tappa is one of the oldest and most popular genres of Pashto poetry being used in Pashto new songs as well. It reflects all the human feelings and aspirations with the beauty of its own.

Tappa is an unequal term of poetry where the first line is always shorter than the following one. The singing of Tappa is very common among the Pashto-speaking areas and you can listen to it in Pathan areas from a boy way on his school, the elders in the Hujrahs and the women at home alike.

Mostly, the Tappa is sung with traditional Pashto music instruments Rubab Mangai and Sitar. However, in Pashto new songs, it is being sung with the full orchestra.

  • Charbeta

It is another popular Pashto music popular genre, consists an epic poem with special rhythms. There are several types of Charbetas around. Basically, it is poem containing the sequence of four, six or eight lines. It used to convey all aspects of life such as love, hate, separation, pain romance etc.


Usually, it is sung by two or more singers as part of a chorus where the first one read the first line while the others sang the remaining. It is also sung in the combination of Tappa and commonly used in Pashto new songs as well.

  • Shaan

It is the song of happiness in Pashto music. Shaan is mostly sung on marriages or other special occasions or festivals. It is an important part of Pashto new songs that are especially sung on the happy occasions.

  • Rubayi

You can say it a Pashto Ghazal because the formation of this genre is very much alike of Ghazal. Therefore it is commonly used in Pashto new songs or music which is same like Ghazal. However, apart from Urdu Ghazal, Rubayi is heavily influenced by Arabic, Persian and Turkish poetry.

Most famous poet in Pashto history is Rehman Baba, and his Rubayi is very popular among the Pashto speakers.

  • Loba

Loba can also be occasionally sung with Tappa. It is something like storytelling, look like the folk music. It somehow is being used in Pashto new songs and music.

The singing of Loba requires two people, a man and a woman as lover and beloved in which they reply each other.

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