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Top 10 Methods for DJ Mixing 2017

admin | July 11, 2017
Top 10 Methods for DJ Mixing 2017

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 methods for DJ mixing 2017. And believe me, this is not something like you must have a dedicated studio, expensive acoustic treatment, expensive recording devices or certain must have plugins.  Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with any of above mentioned things. That’s where the modern technology come into the play and enables you to get the superb results with the limited budget.

How to become a DJ

How to become a DJ

However your determination, ultimate focus and ruthless attention play a big role in your success.

Top 10 Methods of DJ Mixing 2017

Here are my Top 10 Methods of DJ Mixing 2017 to achieve great mixes every time you go through the process.

  1. Choose the best monitoring speakers you can find and learn what all your favorite music sounds like on them. It is very important to produce a state of the art DJ _ mixing.
  2. Great sounding space is another factor that can improve your DJ mixing. Find an awesome sounding space for DJ mixing. By saying that, I never mean that you should intend to have a luxurious recording studio. It can be someone’s front room, the rehearsal space you’re used to, or even a performance venue, but the bottom line is that if the music sounds great in the room, recording a great sound becomes much
  3. To achieve the best voice quality, use the best mic you can lay your hands on. They will not break the bank but put extra weight in the quality of your DJ mixing songs.
  4. Find good artists with the decent instruments for your DJ mixing. However, you must take your time to rehearse properly. Putting someone under the microscope of a recording situation can put extra pressures and difficulties. Make sure that the artists are well-prepared before you DJ mixing session.
  5. Make good arrangement and rehearse well before jumping in to your DJ _ mixing Session.
  6. Take your time to adjust and place your mics in best possible position.
  7. Make your monitor mix sound the best possible you can but keep it simple.
  8. Keep recording your DJ mixes until you get the best and satisfactory takes.
  9. Take good amount of time in editing process with relax frame of mind.
  10. Attention and focus is the key to produce a great DJ mixing.

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