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Apply For RJ: A radio jockey represents not only himself but his radio station as well. In some cases, he/she is also the voice of the city and voice of the country. Most radio jockeys are most popular in their towns, cities, and countries and this is achieved by identifying with the local populace. Therefore, a radio jockey has to keep his target audience in mind at all times. This is especially true while choosing subjects, celebrities, and music for his/her show. An RJ must also be skilled in conversing with members of his/her audience. People often call the radio station for contests and general discussions and the RJ must make the conversation appealing by taking it in different directions and making humorous commentary. His/her anchoring skills make or break a certain show.

How to Become a Radio Jockey | Where To Apply For Rj

World Live Fm providing you a great chance to enlarge your talent in front of all the people, if you think you have a great voice to attract the people towards you to gain charisma, If you are full of energy! Have exceptional communication skills, interest in music, looking to gain some exposure into the media and advertising industry and hold a degree then you are eligible to join us at World Live Fm Online Radio Station so you can give us an audition. In Order to share your talent, we will provide you with 1-week training to make you the best of the best Rj.

Join World Live Fm as RJ or become a DJ Requirements:

.You need a Laptop or computer
.Headphone with a mic so you can host your show
.Internet minimum 1 Mbps Connection
.Latest Songs Collection

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