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Fabiha Sherazi – Biography, Career, Fabiha Sherazi Facebook Page and Photos

admin | July 16, 2017
Fabiha Sherazi

There was a time when showbiz personalities have to work hard as a toll to earn fame, stardom, and popularity among the audience. It was the matter of years but yet not guaranteed that you will be considered as a big star. However thanks to social media, it is not the case anymore. Now it is the matter of hours or even minutes to earn stardom. Fabiha Sherazi is the perfect example that can be quoted in this regard.

Fabiha Sherazi got the status of a superstar just because of social media. However, her beauty and style played a role in the process too. Today we will talk about Fabiha Sherazi and her wonderful success around the print, electronic and social media. Also, try to make an effort to sort out what was the actual reason behind Fabiha Sherazi’s overnight stardom status.

Fabiha Sherazi Biography


She is a model who started her career via ARY Digital show ‘Jeeto Pakistan’. It is interesting to know that she was only an assistant there and her work was only to present the mic and gifts to the participants. However, wonderfully she got the more acknowledgment than the host. The majority of the audience of ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ admitted that they only watched the show because of her.

Besides this all, Fabiha Sherazi is very active on social media e.g. Instagram, Twitter, her Facebook page Pinterest etc. as well.

She is unmarried and working on various modeling assignments.

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Fabiha Sherazi Facebook Page

It is true that Fabiha Sherazi came into the limelight via ARY Digital special Ramazan transmission program “Jeeto Pakistan” but apart from that she hits the social media like a storm and she is quite a social media sensation in the country. Her Facebook page has thousands of followers over there and every status update on Fabiha Sherazi Facebook page earns thousands of likes and comments within minutes.

If I say that she is a bigger star on Fabiha Sherazi Facebook page as compared to TV screens, it will be not that wrong.

Fabiha Sherazi Age and other information

As it is very common among the female artists that they intended to hide their age or year of birth and is not much different in this case. According to Fabiha Sherazi her date of birth is 29th of May. Her age is not specified but it looks like that she is in her early 20s.

FabihaSherazi without Makeup

She looks very decent in front of lights and camera but it will be interesting to see her without makeup. Below is a rare snap, in which Fabiha Sherazi without makeup caught on camera.

Fabiha Sherazi without Makeup

Fabiha Sherazi without Makeup


She is a test case if someone wants to be an overnight star. The power of social media such as Fabiha Sherazi Facebook page is unprecedented and can make you a star in no time.

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