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Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup PHOTOS collection

admin | July 15, 2017
Pakistani Actresses without Makeup

Pakistani actresses are popping up everywhere with a bang. But how they are looking in their routine life without piling on several layers of cosmetics on their faces is a million dollar question. You hardly get a chance to see those Pakistani actresses without makeup but by chance, if it happened to you, I am sure you’ll not be able to recognize them.  Even you will need to turn all your lights on if you want to avoid nightmares after having a look on these snaps which we are sharing with you below.

Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup

  1. Ayesha Omer

    Ayesha Omer

    Ayesha Omer

TV fame ‘Bulbuly Girl’ Ayesha Omer Knows how to shine in front of the camera. However, she has an ordinary look in her private life. I am sure you’ll not be able to recognize her if you accidentally meet her in a shopping mall. She secured the top position in our Pakistani Actresses

She secured the top position in our Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup collection.

  1. Nida Yasir

    Nida Yasir

    Nida Yasir

Sorry! You couldn’t recognize her. She is graceful looking ‘Morning Show Queen’ Nida Yasir. Yes, you are right to think that what happened to her in the left snap? The answer is “Nothing really, only she caught on camera when she gets up in the morning”. Doesn’t she look in sleepy mode till now?

She is second on the list of our Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup list.

  1. Shaista Lodhi

    Shaista Lodhi

    Shaista Lodhi

At third in our Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup collection is classy, stunning and innocent faced Shaista Lodhi. However, it is the matter on silver screen only. Without makeup, she has a very ordinary look. It means she knows the art of how to Make-Over!

  1. Mawra Hocane

    Mawra Hocane

    Mawra Hocane

The Hocane girl looks angelic in a traditional bridal outfit but in private life, this is not the case in reality. You’ll be shocked if you see her without piling on the makeup on her face. Therefore we ranked her 4th in our Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup chart.

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  1. Mehwish Hayat

    Mehwish Hayat

    Mehwish Hayat

Glamour Girl Mehwish Hayat is the heartbeat of many. However, I am sure they didn’t see her without makeup. Otherwise, it can be totally opposite of it.

On the right in the photo, she is also Mehwish Hayat, if you can believe me.  That’s why she is 5th in our Pakistani Actresses Without Makeup list.

Note:  This article is not to insult anybody. It is all about to give you the information that our stars are also human. Lights and cameras are their bread and butter and they need to have extra preparation for it but in normal life, they are very much like the other women.

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