Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
World Live FM & TV is committed to protecting your rights of privacy whenever you use our services. We want our services to be safe, enjoyable and hazardless for our valuable users all the time. Therefore, this privacy policy is based on our use of any personal information you submit to us.

To provide you the full range of our services, sometimes we need to collect some information about you.

This privacy policy is covering the following aspects in this regard.
• What kind of information we may collect about you;
• What World Live FM & TV do with the collected information about you;
• Do World Live FM & TV disclose your private information with the third parties;
• When World Live FM & TV may use your information to contact you;
• What are the choices and options you have regarding the share of your personal information;

As mentioned above World Live FM & TV is committed to safeguarding your personal information at its maximum. In this regard, whenever you provide us such information, we are legally obliged to use your information in order with all concerning laws to protect the personal information. It also includes data protection act 1998 (these laws are referred to collectively in this Privacy Policy as the “data protection laws”).

World Live FM & TV may have the hyperlinks to other websites on its various pages. These websites are owned and updated by the third parties. These websites have their own privacy policies and cookies. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for such websites and their cookies placement. You may use them at your own risk.

What Kind of Information We Collect
When you subscribe, participate or receive a service from World Live FM & TV, such as newsletter, competitions, ordering products, live chats, message boards, surveys or online registration, we may ask for personal information about you.

This information usually contains your name, your age or date of birth, your gender, your email address, your postal address, cell number, phone etc. However different services may require different information. By entering the requested information, it enables you to avail your selected service.

We may also set cookies on your hard drive to identify your IP. It enables us to serve you the best way we can.

How World Live FM & TV Uses Your Personal Information
We use your personal information for various purposes. Some of them are stated as under.

• World Live FM & TV may contact you on behalf of your given information for the reasons or services you subscribed for.
• To notify you about updates and changes of service plans.
• To contact you about the suggestion and submissions you made to our website including your provided content.
• To improve or personalize the way World Live FM & TV content being presented to you online.
• World Live FM & TV may collect your IP to improve your user experience with our site. Or to place contextual advertisement relevant to your searching patterns. Your IP may also use to identify your location to offer you more user-friendly navigation experience.
• To manage our competitions and announcement of the winners.
• To keep our record up to date, process the payments and to process the requests for services and information.
• Please note that in the case of using your information for any other purpose, we’ll notify you first and also you have the right to withhold or withdraw your consent in this regard.

Will World Live FM & TV Disclose Your Personal Information to the Third Party?
No. We don’t do this generally. We’ll only use your information within the World Live FM & TV unless you consented for this. However, we only disclose your personal information if the disclosure is required and permitted by the law, e. g. law enforcement agencies, government bodies or in the case of posting the inappropriate and offensive content at World Live FM & TV website.

When will World Live FM & TV Contact You
• In order to deliver the services, you subscribed for.
• In relation to any contribution, you made at World Live FM & TV website such as message board or other services.
• In case you opted to receive newsletters or other correspondence.
• To invite you to participate voluntarily in surveys about the World Live FM & TV services.
• To settle down any obligations between you and World Live FM & TV in a result of a contract.
• And of course for marketing purpose only if you specifically agreed to this.

Offensive or Inappropriate Content on World Live FM & TV Website
If you post inappropriate, offensive or objectionable content anywhere on World Live FM & TV website, we reserved the rights to use your information to stop such behavior.

If World Live FM & TV reasonably believe that you are or may be involved in the breach of the law, we may use your personal information to inform the relevant third parties such as law enforcement agencies about the objectionable deed.

Approach to Personal Information Hold by World Live FM & TV website
Under the Data Protection Act, you have the right to ask for a copy of the data hold by World Live FM & TV website. However, you may be charged and asked to prove your identity in details.

Changes in Privacy Policy
We have all rights reserved to change or update the privacy terms at any point of time without prior notification. In this regard, you are requested to have a look every time you submit your personal information at World Live FM & TV website. However, the most recent modification date will appear at the bottom of this page.

If you have any query or question about this Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us via Contact Us page.
Last modified: 13th of June, 2017.

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