Anwar Pervez Biography Net Worth and Secret of Success

Anwar Pervez biography shows that this hardworking businessman is a British billionaire business person who is the founder and chairman of Bestway. Actually, several decades after his bus-driving days and nights in the industrial city of Liverpool, this Pakistani-origin English billionaire who created the Bestway Group, still claims that his earliest remembrances of life in the United Kingdom are his fondest.

In 2020, Anwar Pervez’s net well worth is 3.75 billion USD, making him the richest Pakistan-born Briton in the United Kingdom.

Anwar Pervez Biography

Anwar Pervez biography 2

Now we will check Anwar Pervez biography and his secret of success.

Anwar Pervez Biography and Biodata
Name Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez
Sex Male
Date Of Birth 15th March 1935
Age 85 Years (as in 2020)
Profession / Occupation Pakistani-British businessman
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Religion Muslim
Nationality British and Pakistani
Marital Status Married
Wife Sabiha Qasim
Known for
  • Bestway, Chairman.
  • Bestway Cement Limited.
  • United Bank Limited.
  • Pakcem Ltd.
  • British Edutrust Foundation, Director.
Net Worth 3.75 billion USD.
  • Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
  • Knight Bachelor.

Early on Life

Anwar Pervez biography indicates that this meticulous capitalist was born in 1935 and relocated to the UK in the age group of 21. Anwar Pervez biography discloses that this hardworking business person was raised in Pakistan. His father was a subsistence wheat farmer. His parents didn’t have any money. Therefore, this hardworking businessman discovered from them how to live within his means. Growing up, his siblings and this fortunate businessman never missed something because what they did not have in material wealth was made up by the love and care of their parents.

If this hardworking entrepreneur decided to come to the UK on my own in 1956, aged 21, this individual found a similar thing here. Before coming to the UK, in Pakistan, his earliest paid job was as a telephone operator for the state-owned telecommunications company.

The lavatories were outside; there was no central heat; as soon as a few days, you’d go to public baths. Their mother didn’t want him in the future. Also, Anwar Pervez biography describes which successful industrialist still remembers to this time that she was crying. But at least his notion was clear which this hardworking businessman was going to make her very pleased. His goal was to get a good job with better financial prospects.

Business Career

After working as a bus caudillo and driver for about five years, this individual said this hardworking businessman started out to save cash to bring his relatives to England. After that, one by one, his family members arrived here in the 60s. Also, their incomes collectively made it possible to dream of a company. In 1963, this hardworking businessman opened a retail store in Earl’s Court. It is a specialist store that sold masala and halal meat.

In 1963 this hardworking businessman established his first convenience store in London’s Earls Court. By the earlier seventies, this hardworking entrepreneur got changed the carrier’s name to Bestway. Also, having been working ten grocery stores in and around West London. In 1976, Anwar Pervez biography shows this hardworking business individual opened Bestway’s first wholesale storage place in Acton, West London. The business has since grown to a multibillion-pound enterprise. Moreover, as of 2014, Bestway is the second greatest independent flower nurseries in the UNITED KINGDOM. The organization enjoys a reported 18pc market share in Britain at the wholesale prices sector, employing 4,500 people. Beyond wholesale — it operates the business in cement, banking, and pharmacy. In 1987, this prosperous businessman established the Bestway Foundation. This foundation donates 2.5pc of the party profits to schooling and health projects.

The organization enjoys a reported 18pc market share in the UK at wholesale prices sector, employing 4, 500 people. Anwar Pervez biography clarifies that beyond at wholesale prices — it functions business in concrete, banking, and chemist.

His Secret of Business Success


Spending so much time, being honest, and fortune is the magic formula of his success. He gave the best possible customer care, the price, and 98pc availability of stock. If you lack 1pc to 3pc, it matters little. But if you’re only at 80pc of stock, it’s not looking good. In those days and nights, this great businessman was at 98pc, and this prosperous entrepreneur’s rival was at 80pc. Doing the right thing, you can be on the right track.


Anwar Pervez biography also explains this hardworking entrepreneur was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the year of 1992. Also, in the year of 1999, this honest businessman got a Knight Bachelor.


He is married to Sabiha Qasim, and the sons Rizwan Pervez and Dawood Pervez are owners of Bestway. In the year of 2012, their girl Farah married Syed Abid Hussain Imam. Abid is the son of Pakistani politicians Abida Hussain and Fakhar Vorbeter. She is now in London. She never participated in the Bestway.

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