Malik Riaz Biography Net Worth Controversies and More

Malik Riaz biography demonstrates this business Tycoon could be doubtlessly probably one of the most popular Pakistani enterprise tycoons. Also, this entrepreneur could be an investor, a Billionaire, and a property developer. While this capitalist could be ended up the creator and chairman of prominent Bahria town, he’s got made this empire with all the current effort and commitment. That may perfectly be the reason the Bahria town is recognized as Asia’s largest privately owned property company scaling exceptional growth before a couple of years.

Malik Riaz Biography

Malik Riaz Biography 2

Malik Riaz biography describes that he arrives among the top 10 Pakistani richest men and women. Also, this one of the best contractors is definitely probably one of the most popular business people within the nationwide nation at this time. Despite the fact that his business commitments have kept him stuck for long durations, he’s got always ensured his active involvement in every from the Philanthropist activities occurring under his name. In addition, Bahria town has a lot more than 60,000 workers under their belt, and this surely can make them among the largest employers in Pakistan right now.

Malik Riaz Biography and Biodata
Name Malik Riaz Hussain
Gender Male
Date Of Birth Feb 8, 1954
Age 66 Years (as in 2020)
Profession / Occupation
  • Business Man
  • Real Estate Contractor
  • Founder/Chairman of Bahria Town
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Religion Muslim
Nationality Pakistani
Educational Qualification Matric
Marital Status Married
Wife Beena Riaz
Known for
  • Behria Town
  • Businessman
Net Worth 1.5 billion USD
  • Ali Riaz Malik – Son
  • Amber Shehzad Malik – Daughter
  • Aasia Amer Malik – Daughter
  • Pashmina Zain Malik – Daughter

Early Existence:

Malik Riaz biography demonstrated that he had been born on Feb 8, 1954, in Islamabad, Pakistan. Lots of people think that this business person belongs to a wealthy family. However, the assertion is real for him partly. This big constructor was born right into a wealthy family. But, his father’s business collapsed. It likewise forced him to start out working as being a clerical staff at age 19.

Malik Riaz Spouse and children:

Malik Riaz biography discloses that he is definitely in the set of the very best ten richest folks in Pakistan. He started his career as a typical clerk in Military Engineering Service (MES). However, he’s got climbed the ladder of riches with the net worth that’s estimated to become around $ 1.5 billion. His primary wife died through the start when this business Tycoon was previously so poor this Pakistani one of the top richest person had to operate odd careers for the treating his sick girl like paving streets, painting properties and selling cooking area utensils.

Malik Riaz biography explains that his next better half in Beena Riaz Malik. He’s got three daughters and something son. The real label of his child is certainly Ali Riaz Malik, who’s the Bahria town group CEO. His daughters are Amber Shehzad Malik, Aasia Amer Malik, and Pashmina Zain Malik. This top wealthy person of Pakistan also offers two grandchildren. The real brand of his grandson is certainly Zoraiz Malik, and Maryam Hamza Malik is definitely his granddaughter.

Business Career:

Malik Riaz biography clarifies that he began as a small size service provider in the 1980s. Nevertheless, the details on what Malik, from a typical clerk in MES, climbed in the ladder of achievements and became one of the primary company magnates of Pakistan are really sketchy. All of the nationwide nations understand is certainly this business Tycoon may be the person behind Bahria town, among the largest private advancement projects to possess materialized in Southeast Asian locations.

Bahria town spans above a certain section of 45,000 square acres. Also, its proprietor asked numerous speculations and controversies because of the moment of its building.

From being truly a contractor inside the military expert services to end up being the chairman of Bahria town, he’s got achieved everything along with his hardcore will to end up being the 6th richest individual in Pakistan. Malik Riaz biography indicates that this business Tycoon not merely founded Bahria town, but additionally managed to get Asia’s largest privately owned or operated property firms. Within a short time of starting up his quest because the Bahria town creator only, this big businessman grew to be probably the most well-known business person and property designer in Pakistan. Moreover, Bahria town became among the largest privately owned property firms in Asia using its reach to cities like Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Islamabad.

Controversies and allegations:

Malik Riaz biography explains that the circular of controversies which accuses Chief Justice’s child Arsalan Iftikhar of possessing recognized bribes amounting around PKR 400 million from him, isn’t the only controversy of this businessman.

The NAB happens to be looking at another application registered by an official military person Lt-Col (Rt) Tariq Kamal. It suggests that the territory which Bahria town is made, and is even more expanding, had not been acquired through lawful means. It really is alleged that Malik features tough ties with Pakistan’s military, which helped him in creating an enormous empire. Some say go so far as saying a handful of the key serving army officials, bureaucrats, and attorneys are nearly on his payroll.

Malik Riaz biography shows his family controversies as well. A leaked viral and controversy video revealed his daughter entered the home of celebrity Uzma khan with her guards and sexually threatened her. Furthermore, the woman is certainly observed instigating the guards that were included with her to ‘contact’ Khan, in ways inciting intimate assault against her.


His corporation arranges treatment of a huge selection of poor patients, is definitely educating a large number of youngsters within the instructional academic institutions to function under its aegis. Also, Malik Riaz biography reveals that Bahria town likewise caters free of charge foods to a large number of weak individuals each day. But an opposition lawyer stated his fine deeds had been a smokescreen to cover his real malpractices. Well, it is up to you to decide!

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