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Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was born on the 25th of December 1949. Nawaz Sharif biography demonstrates this politician and businessman is a Pakistani businessman in addition to politician. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif furthermore served as typically the PM of Pakistan for three non-consecutive terms. This politician and capitalist enjoyed a total of more than nine years as a new PM of Pakistan, which is the greatest term for any kind of politician.

Nawaz Sharif Biography

Now check the Nawaz Sharif biography.

Nawaz Sharif Biography and Biodata
Name Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Nick-name Lion of the Punjab
Sex Male
Date Of Birth 25th December 1949
Age 70 Years (as in 2020)
Profession / Occupation Business Man and Politician
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Religion Muslim
Nationality Pakistani
Height 5′ 8”
Educational Qualification Business and Law degrees
Marital Status Married
Wife Kulsoom Nawaz
Known for
  • Steel Mill.
  • Ittefaq Group.
  • Finance Minister of Punjab.
  • Chief Minister of Punjab.
  • Opposition Leader.
  • 3 Times Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Net Worth 1.6 million Pakistani rupees
  • Hassan Nawaz – Son
  • Hussain Nawaz – Son
  • Maryam Nawaz – Daughter
  • Asma Nawaz – Daughter

Early lifestyle

Born to the upper-middle-class Sharif family in Lahore, Sharif is the son of Muhammad Sharif. Muhammad Sharif is the founder of Ittefaq and Sharif Group. Nawaz Sharif Biography signifies that this politician and businessman is the elder sibling of Shehbaz Sharif, who also enjoyed as the CM of Punjab. Nawaz Sharif is the particular one of many wealthiest men in Pakistan.

This politician and capitalist has an estimated web worth of no less than 1.6 million Pakistani rupees. Nawaz Sharif biography reveals that nearly all of his wealth arises from his businesses within steel construction. This politician and businessman also invested within Saudi Arab and some other oil-rich Arab nations. Nawaz Sharif biography explains that from this, he rebuilds his steel empire.

From Business to National Politics

Just before entering politics inside the 1970s, this politician and capitalist studied business from Government College. After this, this politician and businessman studied Law at the University of Punjab. This politician and capitalist experienced financial losses any time his family’s steel business was appropriated under the nationalization policies of past PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

This politician and businessman came into politics as a new result, primarily dedicated to regaining control of the steel plants. Nawaz Sharif never forgave Bhutto after his steel empire had been lost, even following Bhutto’s terrible life-ending. This politician and businessman publicly rejected to forgive the soul of Bhutto and his party, PPP typically.

Political Life


Inside 1981, Chief executive Zia as the Finance minister of Punjab has appointed him. Backed by a loose conservative, this political leader has been elected as the particular CM of Punjab in 1985 in addition to re-elected after typically the conclusion of martial law 23 years ago. Within 1990, this politician and businessman directed the conservative IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad) and became the 12th Pakistani PM.

After being substituted in 1993, any time president Ghulam Ishaq Khan dissolved the National Assembly, this politician and businessman served as the opposition leader to be able to the government associated with Benazir Bhutto coming from 1993 to 1996. This politician and capitalist returned to be able to the premiership after the Pakistan Muslim League (N) (PML-N) was elected inside 1997. From then on, this politician and businessman served until his removal in 1999 simply by a military takeover in addition to was tried within plane hijacking case. After prison in addition to exile for more than the decade, this politician and businessman delivered to politics after 8.5 years. After that, this politician and businessman led his party to victory regarding a 3rd time in 2013.

Nawaz Sharif biography shows that in 2017, the Supreme Court regarding Pakistan removed Sharif from office. This politician and capitalist was removed due to being able to the revelations through the Panama case. In 2018, typically, the Pakistani Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz Sharif coming from holding public office. Nawaz Sharif biography also shows that he was sentenced to ten years in jail.

Political Rivals

He faced difficulty operating with the PPP and the MQM, a potent pressure in Karachi. The particular MQM and PPP opposed him because of his focus on beautifying Punjab in addition to Kashmir while missing Sindh. Nawaz Sharif biography reveals that the MQM also opposed his conservatism.

Someplace around 2011, in addition to 2013, Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif started to connect with the other person inside an intense battle. The contention among the two leaders developed in overdue 2011 when Imran Khan tended to be able to his biggest group at Minar-e-Pakistan inside Lahore. They started to criticize each other for some political motives.

Individual Lifestyle

Nawaz Sharif is from Punjab, yet, this politician and capitalist is originated in Kashmir. Also, his father has been an upper-middle-class entrepreneur and an industrialist. His family experienced migrated from Anantnag in Kashmir regarding trade.

Nawaz Sharif biography discloses that his mother’s family is started from Pulwama. His mom’s family started from Pulwama. Following your development drove by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his battle for making Pakistan inside the year 1947, his folks shifted from Amritsar to Lahore. His daddy took after the lessons of typically the Ahl al-Hadith.

Nawaz Sharif biography 2

Nawaz Sharif biography also indicates that Kulsoom Butt is the better half of Nawaz Sharif. Maryam Nawaz is an active child in politics, strenuous for the celebration. She was the executive for the mind administrator’s youth exercise. Maryam is hitched to legislator Muhammad Safdar Awan. His other little lady, Asma Nawaz, is usually wedded to Ali Dar, a child associated with the Ishaq Dar, former Finance Minister of Pakistan.

Health Issues

This politician and businessman heart surgery second time in May 2016 working in London. This businessman and politician health and ultimately an open heart surgery just three days earlier typically the presentation of the nation’s yearly spending program. Now, due to the worst health condition of this politician and businessman, he has sent to London to be treated.

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