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Top Indian YouTubers 2018

admin | September 18, 2018
indian youtubers vloggers

Indian YouTubers are not only popular in India but around the globe as well. YouTube is paying them much enough and even more to entertain the world with their comedy and lame jokes. Some YouTubers use the YouTube as an earning source of income whereas some use this as a passion and hard desire.  Everyone knows that what they all need the most are SUBSCRIBERS and VIEWERS. And for this purpose, they can even make themselves a joker, fry someone, even bring their close relatives and family in a video, and perform cheap stunts for their audience. Here is the list of all the top Indian Youtubers.

Top Indian YouTubers


indian youtubers vloggers

BB ki vines become the first Indian YouTuber to reach 10.2 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views. He is awarded the YouTube Gold Play Button in 2016. He began his YouTube work in 2015 by creating a channel called BB ki vines. In his videos, he performs unique and hilarious prank videos on random people. These videos are not only popular in India but in Pakistan and east countries as well.  He is the only first Indian YouTubers who also received Diamond Play Button in 2018. He earns a lot through his videos with his team members. We wish him a great success and prosperity in this field.


indian youtubers vloggers

Carry Minati is a 19 years old boy whose actual name is Ajey Nagar. He is a famous YouTuber because of his viral comedian videos, his photos, clips, and astonishing voice. He is also one of the top Indian Youtubers bloggers. Most of his videos are all about gameplay and comedy. It’s no doubt to say that he is a celebrity in India. His videos are always family-friendly. He created his first youtube channel in the month of July 2016 with 50,000+ subscribers. As recorded in March 2017. Ajey has probably 110 videos and over more than 80,000 subscribers and 98 million views. And he even he is the first blogger who has become this popular at this early age.


indian youtubers vloggers

Indian youtube star who is popular for his comedian youtube channel named as Amit Bhandana. He is a 24 years old boy who was born on September 24, 1994. He began his channel on 2012 to entertain people with his comedy. And in a short spine of time, he has gained popularity with 10.3 million subscribers and around 649.15 million views. He is one of those YouTubers who has been awarded the Golden Play Button in 2017 and the Diamond Play Button on 2018.


indian youtubers vloggers`

Ashish Chanchlani is an Indian national boy. He was born on November 27, 1993. Ashish is a 24 years old boy who is famous for his profession as an Indian Youtuber and even as an actor as well. This Youtuber  is a comedian and actor and hypoactive Youtuber also. He has approximately 100 plus video on youtube and around 5.9 million subscribers. He started his YouTube channel on July 06, 2009.


indian youtubers vloggers

Technical Guruji is an Indian boy who started his career as an Indian Youtuber. He is a 27 years old boy who was born on the month of May 07, 1991. This is an Indian national but he lives in Dubai UAE. Technical Guruji is a youtuber as a part-time professional. He also handles his family business. Guruji is also a Dubai police Certified security system engineer. He started his youtube blogger on October 18, 2015, with maximum 5,762,588 subscribers and 529,104,429 viewers.  This Youtube has around 1603 youtube videos uploaded on his channel.

We team are always having a complete eye on all the top Indian Youtubers. We wish Keep up the good work to all of them.

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